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  • Discover companies that need to work with an Express Employment Professional.

  • Instantly locate key decision makers at any company, in any industry, at any location.

  • Quickly find talent who fit your desired qualifications, experience, and skills.

  • Instantly access prospect contact information or determine email addresses.

  • Access powerful Advanced People Search features that will save you hundreds of hours.

  • Search for news, including HR news, to ensure relevancy in every meeting.

  • Locate career fairs where you might want to have a booth.
  • How the ExpressPros Engine Works

    Save Time. Save Money. Identify Sales Opportunity and Talent You Might Not Otherwise Have Found

    The Express Employment Professionals Sales and Recruiting Engine is not a proprietary database. Rather, it's a power search resource that helps you find information much faster than you could to do on your own. Searching more than 750 million businesspeople around the globe and millions of online data sources, in seconds you can locate companies, decision makers, sales opportunities via trigger events, people willing to hear from a recruiter, and a lot more.

    Following are some of the ways the ExpressPros Engine is different than other resources:

    In seconds, you'll access the companies and decision makers - many who you most likely would not have otherwise found.

    Enter a company name, industry, and/or loaction and you'll instantly access the key executives, human resources, and recruiting professionals who you care about.

    Discover which companies are hiring right now. Learn about key trigger events - disruptions occuring at a company such as an expansion or relocation - where they might need to quickly hire talent.

    Prepare for meetings in just minutes, ensuring you're relvant to what is going on your prospects' and clients' world.

    Locate talent looking for a job, right now, who you might not otherwise discover.

    Other search engines allow you to search for people who might be "seeking new opportunities." Yet there are an almost infinite number of ways people self-identify as being interested in taking your call. For example, some are "looking for a new career" while others "hope to find a new job."

    The ExpressPros Intel Engine uses proprietary search algorithms to find talent where the combination of words leads the system to believe the person is interested in a new job. While not perfect, the Recruiting Engine is amazingly accurate.

    You can conduct searches in the ExpressPros Intel Engine that are difficult, if not impossible, in other search tools.

    For example, in ExpressPros Engine Power Search feature, it takes less than five seconds to find marketing executives who live in New York, who are in the healthcare industry, and who also can write JavaScript and understand PHP (there are 359).

    Looking for Contact Information? Each user in your office receives 200 LeadLeaper contact credits per month (so 10 users equals 2,000 credits) as part of your membership. When you're on someone's LinkedIn profile, click the LeadLeaper "frog" icon browser extension and LeadLeaper will attempt to find the person's email address and phone number. If LeadLeaper can't find the informatin, you can also use the Engine's "Determine Email Address" feature.

    You can even use the Engine to determine a candidates personal contact information, including home address, email address, and phone number.

    In the Engine's "Key Contacts," "Search by Title," and "Search by Function" sections, results appear in clickable tabs allowing you to instantly sort results.

    Each result tab represents approximately 30 unique job title searches, or approximately 420 unique individual searches. What would take you more than two hours to do manually, you can do in less than five seconds with the ExpressPros Engine.

    Most recruiters understand Boolean searches and its limitations. For example, popular search engines limit the number of terms you can use to 30 or fewer. Depending on the search the Recruiting Engine automatically crafts a 30 - 300+ word proprietary Boolean algorithm query and then submits that query to a series of online search resources and databases and delivers you laser-focused results.

    There are dozens of different ways that people identify their job titles. For example, a "senior vice president" at one company might be an SVP at another, or an EVP, or AVP. A "human resources director" at one company might be "director of talent" or a "director of employee culture" at another.

    With other search resources, you would need to know all of the different ways people identify themselves and run each search separately. In the ExpressPros Engine, all searches run in the background simultaneously and automatically. 

    Search for companies by revenue size, employee size, by industry, by location, and more. Instantly locate women owned, minority owned, veteran owned, and other classified business. You can even find groups of companies on a map so it's easy to schedule your driving territory. 

    The ExpressPros Engine features a "5-Minute Meeting Prep" section that helps you prepare for any meeting. Access a company's website. Map a location. Determine the company's executives. Search recent news articles, press releases, blog posts, and social media posts to ensure relevancy in your meeting. And with one click, you can see if the company is looking to hire.

    If you went to a public library and asked a librarian for information on employee engagement, you wouldn't receive 80 million results. That's Google. Rather, the librarian would provide you the top three to five credible and objective HR and recruiting publications to review.

    Multiply that 10X and that's the power of the Recruiting Engine's HR and Recruiting Library.

    In the Engine's News Feature, you can instantly search current issues and archives of the top 40+ industry publications and get information you can share with prospects, clients, and even talent to further highlight your expertise.

    When you click on an ExpressPros Engine result, you go directly to the source database meaning, you're always accessing the latest information. By directing you to the source information versus scraping data, the ExpressPros Engine also stays on good terms with the information providers, as the Engine generates additional traffic to their sites.

    See who is hiring right now with results limited to only currently open jobs. This is perfect for identifiying companies and sales opportunities where they most likely need to hear from an Express Employment Professional today. 

    Use the ExpressPros Engine to quickly find career fairs in any location and/or in any industry, helping you determine where you might want to sponsor, attend, and/or have a booth.  

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    ExpressPros Sales and Recruiting Engine Features

    ExpressPros Engine Features

    Our Full Value Guarantee

    Value Guarantee

    Give the ExpressPros Engine a try. If you aren't receiving a great return on your investment, within the first 30-days, let us know for a full refund.

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    Your subscription is an auto-renew monthly program that you cancel at anytime. There is no minimum term or even term agreement.

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    ExpressPros Engine Talent Finder

    ExpressPros Talent Finder

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Express Employment Professionals Sales and Recruiting Intel Engine is $35 per month, for your ENTIRE office.

    Yes...that is correct. Just one low monthly payment and everyone in your office can have their own subscription.

    Everyone! Once you sign up your office, you will receive an email with a link you can share with your team. Each team member can use the link to create their own subscription.

    Adding more team members? Wonderful! Your monthly office subscription fee stays the same.

    Need to remove a team member from their suscription? No problem. Just send us an email and we will take care of the rest.

    All we ask is that you do not share your office subsciption link with other offices. Usage integrity is based on trust as their are no contracts or agreements that you need to sign.

    Your team's subscriptions start the second you join. You will receive an email with a link you can share with your team. Each team member can use the link to create their own subscription and once created, they have unlimited access to the Engine.

    Absolutely not.

    For example, LI Recruiter is an awesome, very powerful recruiting search resource that is perfectly complementary to the ExpressPros. With LI Recruiter, you are able to save searches, conduct unique searches, and contact candidates directly in ways that you cannot do with the ExpressPros Engine.

    At the same time, the ExpressPros Engine also has features that other online services do not have, for example, laser-focused sales resources to find companies and decision makers that need Express Employement Professionals, the ability to search for veterans open to jobs, a powerful news engine, and a lot more

    Professional staffing is a very tough and competitive business, especially today. We priced the ExpressPros Engine so you can continue to afford - and we highly encourage you to purchase - multiple online resources to have in your sales and recruiting arsenal. 

    Nope! Once you subscripbe, you'll receive unlimited access to everything in the Engine, including any new and future updates.

    ALSO... Occassionaly, we may have an Engine price increase. HOWEVER, so long as you keep your subscription active, you will have access to everything the Engine offers with no additional charges - so long as you continue your subscription, the price will never change.

    We would never want you to be unhappy! You can cancel your subscrption at any time. To do so, come page to this page and click the "Manage Account" link. Once you cancel, any upcoming payments will be automatically canceled, and your subscription and all future billings will end. Within the first 30 days, if you are unsatisfied with your subscription for any reason, contact us and we can provide a full refund.

    No, the ExpressPros Engine is NOT a database. It is, however, a HUGE time saver.

    The ExpressPros Engine makes finding information that is already online much easier. You could use a search engine like Google combined with other Websites to find the information that the ExpressPros Engine delivers. However, you would need to know how to craft complex mathematical Boolean equations and/or know the correct websites to even visit.

    You could spend minutes - or more likely hours - trying to find information on your own, or you could use the ExpressPros Engine and find the right information in just seconds.

    Yes and no. The Advanced features offered with some search engines do allow you to find information without having to know Boolean. However, you would still need to know what information to enter to find specific results and of course, popular search engines are not designed with the sole goal of finding the information specifically customized to what an Express Employment Professional cares about.

    With the ExpressPros Engine, you will save hours trying to locate information -- time that you can now spend growing your business and finding exceptional talent.

    With any online search, there is no guarantee that the information is accurate or current. However, the ExpressPros Engine has built-in-logic that runs in the background and it attempts to filter out results from non-reputable sources.

    The ExpressPros Engine is not a list building tool. You can use the ExpressPros Engine to locate people and then contact them via their online profiles or other means that they provide.

    The ExpressPros Engine also has a feature that allows you to determine a person's email address. However, if you're looking for a pure list-building database or another tool to more easily access a candidate's contact information, we recommend also purchasing a subscription to LinkedIn or other list-building services such as

    There are probably words on their online profile that leads the system to believe that they might be open to a new opportunity. Please contact us and we are happy to review any profile and provide guidance on what to do. Also, remember that sometimes there is no reason why a name appeared, or maybe in the past they did have words on their profile and search engines have not yet indexed their revisions. 

    The ExpressPros Engine Talent Finder feature looks for combinations of words on a person's online profile to determine if someone might be open to a new job or career. Please contact us and we are happy to share what words they might want to put on their profile, so that they do appear. In addition, some people inadvertently, or on purpose, don't make their profile publicly available. For those people, their names will not appear in results. 

    Some people inadvertently, or on purpose, don't make their profile publicly available to open-Web search engines. For those people, their names will not appear in any results. 

    Who Created the ExpressPros Intel Engine

    The ExpressPros Sales and Recruiting Intel Engine was created by Sam Richter, CSP, CPAE, a Hall of Fame Sales and Business motivational speaker. As part of his programs, Sam develops custom Intel Engine search applications for every company and industry where he speaks to ensure the learning - and most important, the implementation - of what he shares continues.

    Sam keynoted the Express Employment Professionals Sales conference in the past. He was asked if he could create an Intel Engine for ExpressPros sales teams and then later for recruiting teams. The Engine was beta-tested by more than 100 ExpressPros users for a year, meaning the Engine was truly built for ExpressPros teams, by ExpressPros teams. Questions? contact Sam directly.